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Bangladesh has seen the highest number of teams participating from all over the country in 2018

Over 1300 students and young executives from 77 universities and business organizations have joined the competition this year. Forming 4 member teams, these participants have solved a very interesting case on possible horizontal collaboration opportunities across industry sectors in Bangladesh to reduce traffic burden, capture more opportunities and make their supply chain more efficient. Jury panel members from home and abroad have been carefully working on assessing the cases for the last 3 weeks.


In 2018, we have also been blessed with the largest ever 16 member Jury Panel who are all industry leaders and have been supporting ISCEA Bangladesh initiatives since its inception and helping a process that creates most valuable supply chain resources in the country. Our sincerest gratitude to the most respected Jury Panel Members of ISCEA Bangladesh.


For more details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/IsceaBangladesh 


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